Our Birth Classes

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We recognize that you are a unique woman, giving birth with your own unique experiences, preference and coping style. We help you discover your own inner Mother Nature by providing you with a variety of personalized classes that can assist you in almost every aspect of childbearing.

Learn how to make pregnancy more comfortable.

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Learn about prenatal development


Learn about danger signals in pregnancy


Learn about premature labor and how to prevent it


Learn good communication skills and birth plans


Childbirth Preparation Class

How To Choose A Childbirth Preparation Class

Having a baby if often new territory for a family. Exploring the changes in pregnancy, what to expect in the birth process, pain coping techniques and meeting other parents are many of the reasons expectant couples choose to come to a childbirth class. Studies show that families that choose take a class of any sort tend to be more satisfied with their birth process, feel they had more control and more informed about their choices and more connected to their babies.