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Birth Doula

The cornerstone of child care

A wide variety of services are offered to make your child’s birth a memorable, positive, and empowering experience. A Birth Doula Service package includes several services that will prepare you mentally, emotionally and physically for your birth. A range of additional services are also availible to aid you and your family before, during, and after your child’s birth.

Postpartum Doula

From babies ...

Pregnancy and new parenthood are amazing and transformative, whether it’s your first baby or your fifth. Postpartum doulas provide support and nurturing for new parents, information on baby care and breast or bottle feeding, as well as assistance in ensuring a smooth transition for families and their new additions.


Birth Classes

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Doula Wambui offers many different types of classes to prepare you, your partner and your family for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

One of the best ways to have a fulfilling and safe birth experience is to set yourself up for success early in your pregnancy. Taking childbirth education classes and hiring a doula are both proven ways to increase your confidence in labor, have a shorter labor and reduce unnecessary interventions.


Lactation Cookies

Made for breastfeeding moms

They are moist and super yummy and they help boost and/or maintain milk supply. And yes, husbands can eat them too!

Many women swear that this special cookie can work wonders! The ingredients in these yummy cookies work in a number of different ways to help moms boost and maintain their milk supply. These cookies contain galactagogues, which are substances that promote lactation in humans and animals